Humility provides a way out of every situation. It is an escape hatch, a trapdoor, that is always available. We see that wherever we walk there are trapdoors everywhere through which we might fall at any moment. Ego considers this a terrible danger, but we know better. Our striving and grasping push us upward toward the clouds of delusion. We begin to believe that maybe we could dwell as a god among the clouds, or at least as a bird, either forever or at least temporarily removed from the dirt and messiness of earth.

But we are bound to the earth. We are creatures of the earth, and we can only live fully when fully rooted. Opening the trapdoor and allowing ourselves to fall through returns us to the ground, where our roots are. Humility makes us feel small. But that is our true size. Be small. Be rooted in the earth. That is our true home and the source of our strength.