the body is the teacher

musings on the wisdom of incarnation


September 2016

A Plea to the Daughters of Earth

Please rise up, daughters of earth, daughters of our sacred Mother,
rise up and speak to us, for we need to hear your voices.

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The apparent discontinuity between mind and body arises from a misunderstanding. But that is not a problem. Understanding always arises from misunderstanding.

The body is in the process of becoming mind, without ceasing to include the body. For there can be no mind without the body. The body must be included. So perhaps one should think of what is becoming as bodymind.

In the metaphorical language of the mystics, this is the process of man becoming god, while yet remaining man. The traditional religions, however, prefer to keep this process at arm’s length by conceiving it in reverse: God becomes man, while remaining fully God. The direction of the image doesn’t really matter. Either way, the truth that is being revealed is incarnation.

Confusion Is Aggression

Fear, anger, resentment, anxiety, hatred, jealousy, and despair all arise from confusion. They arise because deep within us we are asking “What is going on?” and we are not satisfied with not having an answer to that question. The body is already one step ahead of us, acting as if it knows the answer (or at least understands the question) and we don’t. Our mind is lagging behind. That gap between mind and body is the space that we fill with these various forms of aggression. Actually, the confusion itself is aggression: aggression against wonder. Wonder is accepting that we don’t know what is going on, that what is going on exceeds our expectations, our concepts, our words. Wonder speaks when we are speechless, when we are open, when we listen. Then, from this wonder, arises love, compassion, joy, and wisdom.

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